Welcome to MyGameScore.net

We are highlighting our first app, MyGameScore Flag Football.
As of today it is the only one of its kind. It is a score keeping app for flag football.

Version 1 is a simple one page app. There is a possession and a down option, half time timer, score keeping and timeouts.
On the settings screen you can enter the names of the teams that are playing, time per half, half time time and time for timeouts. If no names are entered it defaults to Home and Away. Also if no timer options are changed they default to 20 minutes per half, 2 minutes between half's and 30 seconds for a timeout. Also league email for half time / end of game coaches signatures and scores. Once the game has started these can not be changed until the game is over.
After you enter your settings for the game hit the home button and press play to start the game.
During the game you can change who has possession, what down it is, increase or decrease the score and take timeouts for either team.
If a team gets first down, you can reset the down to one by double tapping the down button and ball possession does not change.
When timeout is pressed what ever time was selected in the settings screen will count down prior to the OK being available to get back to the game.
At half time, one of two things will happen. If your phone is setup for iPhone iMail you will see the coaches signature screen. Have the coaches sign off, then select the EMAIL button. Your standard iMail screen appears and you can then send the signatures with scores to the league.
If not setup for iMail the alarm sounds and like the timeout alert. Then the half time timer will count down the time selected in settings.
Once done the OK button will then be selectable.
Prior to the first game starting when the info button is pressed you get a brief description of the app and how it works.
Once the first game has started the description of the app and how it works is replaced with final game scores when you press the info button after a game.
If you start a game by accident or just want to stop the game, while the timer is running press and hold the stop button for three seconds. You can reset or end the game.
As soon as you place the ball and press the clock button in the lower left hand corner, a 30 second timer pops up to keep the game moving.