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We are highlighting our first app, MyGameScore Flag Football.
As of today it is the only one of its kind. It is a score keeping app for flag football.


NEW FEATURE 20190719 v1.6 - Coaches signatures at half time and end of game, plus the ability to email those signatures with team scores.


20191110 We are well under way with version 2.
Web page migration and integration has started. The old page has been brought into the new page. Next the login page for league access. Stay tuned...

20190719 v1.7 Added missing images for release 1.6.

20190719 v1.6 Minimized the scoring buttons to one set, adding backgrounds to fields for easier reading in bright sun light.
Major feature, email at the end of the half and game with coaches signatures and team scores.

Changed the end game option to reset the game or end it.

20190411 v1.5 Minor cleanup for the latest iPhone release.

20180605 v1.4 You can now reset the downs by double tapping the down button and possession stays the same.

20180521 v1.3 Added clear scores option on daily score tracking. Added the option to reset the game with holding the stop button for three seconds.

20180428 v1.2 Added daily score tracking. Once you start scoring games the info screen is replaced with games and scores. Added a play clock that shows a 30 second timer to keep the game moving.

20180411 v1.1 Added background timer for when the app is backgrounded or minimized,.

20180310 v1.0 Its here!!! The app you have all been waiting for. Version 1 of the app is fairly simple. There is a possession and a down option, half time timer, score keeping and timeouts.

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